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Cite FR3

Links to citation instructions and FR3 contact information.

A comprehensive history of the FR3, with summary of user information and current FR3 offerings is available in "The NIH NIAID Filariasis Resource Center", 2011, PLoS NTD.

When publishing work that involved the use of FR3 materials, please acknowledge the NIH/NIAID Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center ( for relevant materials.

The B. malayi and B. pahangi strains that have been propagated at the FR3 since 1970 have been referred to by several different names (e.g. TRS, McCall, FR3);  they are correctly referenced as the 'FR3' strains. The D. immitis strain currently propagated at the FR3 was obtained from TRS labs and is denoted as the Missouri 2005 strain.  A recently acquired D. immitis strain that has decreased susceptibility to anthelminthics is the MP3 strain.


A list of papers made possible by FR3 provided resources as referenced in"The NIH NIAID Filariasis Resource Center", 2011, PLoS NTD is available here.   The list of FR3 made possible papers was updated and is current as of April 2012 and can be found here.