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How To Order

Instructions for how to order reagents from University of Georgia, Smith College, and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Parasite Resources

Ordering of live and frozen FR3 materials and molecular reagents is organized through BEI Resource's website .  

Items that can be ordered through BEI:

Parasite resources (live or frozen Brugia and Dirofilaria, Brugia infected gerbils, Aedes aegypti)
Acanthocheilonema viteae  
assorted reagents

Molecular Resources

Items that can be ordered through the FR3 website:
The following materials have been submitted to the FR3 with restrictions on how they can be distributed:
BM14 antigen,
ICT positive controls and serum samples.
To order from Molecular Resources (molecular assays, serum samples, cDNA and genomic libraries, ICT standard, BM 14 antigen, and select BAC clones), proceed to our requisition form and the Smith College MTA.