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Material Transfer Agreements

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a legally binding agreement between your institution and an FR3 institution that allows you to receive reagent shipments.  You must fill out an MTA to get your reagents.

Molecular Resources:  To receive cDNA libraries, serum samples, BAC clones, Bm14 antigen and ICT standards, fill out this MTA for SMITH COLLEGE and send the signed hard copy to Smith College.
BEI Resources:  To receive filarial DNA and RNA samples, cDNA library clones, the monoclonal antibody against Brugia malayi Wolbachia surface protein, or select recombinant molecules, fill out BEI Resources Registration and MTA forms, and send to BEI Resources.
All FR3 materials are free of charge and the investigator pays for shipping of reagents.  BEI Resources reagents are free and BEI Resources pays the cost of shipping for reagents that they ship.

Filling out MTA and registration forms

Please email Sue Haynes:,  if you need additional information on how to fill out FR3 forms.