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FR3 Next Generation Sequencing Service

Sequencing service details

Next Generation Sequence Service

FR3 Molecular Division at Smith College,

Northampton, MA


We will consider all projects of interest to the filariasis research community, specifically those that are feasible, novel, and have the potential to generate publishable results.  Endemic area scientists are particularly encouraged to apply, though keep in mind no travel-related funds are available through this solicitation.  Rather this is an opportunity to collaborate with the FR3 scientists at Smith College on your research project, and to gain hands on experience with the Illumina MiSeq.  Proposals will be evaluated by the FR3 directors and the FR3 SAC (advisory committee).  We anticipate implementing 2-3 projects per year.


To apply, please send a 2-page proposal to or  The proposal should include the following:

Research Plan

            Specific Aims

            Background and Significance

            Experimental Design


Project Funding


Upon receipt of your proposal, we will supply a cost estimate.


We will be using the Next-Generation Sequencing Instrument: Illumina MiSeq


 Using the MiSeq, researchers can:

-       Generate de novo assemblies of genomic DNA

-       Generate a complete transcriptome from a cDNA library prepared from your total RNA.

-       Do a differential gene expression study comparing treated and untreated samples, etc.!


What do researchers need for their run?

-       You can begin with DNA or RNA samples prepared in your lab, or prepared with FR3 researchers at Smith College.  We can help you with your DNA and RNA extractions and with quality control for your samples.

-       Similarly, library preparation of your DNA samples may be done in your lab or with us at the FR3. This is also true for your RNA samples; you may prepare your own cDNA library for sequencing if your lab has the resources for this, or you can do it with us at Smith College with the help of our staff (this is a 2 day protocol).

-       When you are ready, our FR3 researchers will help you confirm that the quality of your library preparation is suitable for sequencing with the Illumina MiSeq using our High-Sensitivity Agilent Bioanalyzer.

-       Finally, to run your samples, we can help you choose the version of the cartridge and flow cell that is best suited for your samples (DNA/RNA).

-       Data analysis can also be initiated in collaboration with the FR3.